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Pacific Northwest Music Festival

PNMF 2016: April 14 - April 30 in Terrace, B.C. 

Would YOU Like to VOLUNTEER for the 2016 Festival?

Click here to email:   I am interested in VOLUNTEERING  

or phone (250) 635-9649 home phone   or   (250) 638-1183 work phone

The printed 2016 SYLLABUS is available at     Sight n Sound    4716 Keith Ave, Terrace, BC V8G 4K1

Phone number: (250) 635-5333.  The cost is $5.00 and the PNMF 2016 Entry Forms are included and may

be copied.  Please be certain that you are consulting the current Syllabus, before submitting your entries.

The new 2016 Festival Schedule is linked from the   Festival Information     page.   Please be aware that

until marked 'Final' the schedules shown are subject to change.  This is clearly marked on each grid.  

THE FINAL 2016 SCHEDULE IS NOW ONLINE linked from the Festival Information page.

Adjudicators are listed on the    Festival Information   page, as they are booked and become

available.   Links to their experience and public biographies for the 2016 Festival are posted.

PROGRAMS are available at  Sight n Sound,  Terrace and Kitimat,   Misty River Books,  Terrace,

  All Seasons Sports,   Terrace,   Eddie's News,   Prince Rupert, and at the door, if not sold out.

See Festival Information page for more details.



 2016 NEW! President's   Message 

 2015 - 50 Year Anniversary 

INFORMATION for the 2016 Pacific Northwest Music Festival





  Syllabus 2016  


   Band/Choir Entry Form 2016   


   Competitor Entry Form 2016   


    Classroom Music Entry Form   



Bonnie Juniper
PNMF President, 2016

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2016 Festival

President's Message