Where are they NOW? #2

100 days until the FESTIVAL begins!
We are SO PROUD of all who take part in the yearly festival.
We would love to know... WHERE ARE YOU NOW?

Ambur Braid– Intermediate Scholarship Winner, 1999
Where are you now and what have you been up to?...

This update from Ambur Braid on PNMF Facebook Page:

"The Pacific Northwest Music Festival meant the world to me growing up in Terrace. It was my opportunity to perform in front of the community and beyond. I was competing in the music festival at a time when my colleagues were incredibly talented and we had a healthy dose of competition between us; one of the key ingredients to success. Thank you!!

Since leaving Terrace and my competition days behind me, I’ve received a a Bachelor of Music from the Glenn Gould School of The Royal Conservatory and a Master of Music from The San Francisco Conservatory of Music and have trained at Idyllwild Arts, Crear, the Steans Institute at Ravinia Festival and OperaWorks.

Nowadays, I’m traveling across the globe to sing in concerts and operas and have been fortunate enough to have performed leading roles at some beautiful opera houses; the Canadian Opera CompanyEnglish National Opera, Oper Frankfurt, @São CarlosCalgary Opera, and National Arts Centre / Centre national des Arts.

Here’s to many more years onstage, with thanks to my incredible upbringing in Terrace!

P.S. I’d love to know who the adjudicator was who told me that I’d never have a large singing voice, as I’m sure it’s what drove me to sing the way that I do now. So thank you, whoever you may be!"